Maxwell Vex


Aka Jimmy Misanthrope, aka M. Jaimz Sims, aka a lot of other names that aren’t fit to type out here.

Born sometime in the early 80′s in Palmerston North, a small city in New Zealand where nothing much ever happens of interest. John Cleese bestowed upon it the sobriquet of “suicide capital of New Zealand”, so it has that going for it.

Maxwell’s childhood and adolescence were spent in various locations of extreme geographical isolation, which is where young Maxwell developed his imagination and started drawing and making comics, as there wasn’t a hell of a lot else to do, apart from setting fire to chickens or playing in a jug band, and Maxwell was never into that sort of stuff.
In his late teens he decided to move to Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city. God only knows why.
Despite being rather adept at lurking and looming (and as we all know, lurking is loitering with intent), Maxwell soon hit upon the realization that he was far too small to pursue his life’s ambition of becoming a closet monster.

He put comics and art aside from his mid teens to early 20′s in order to focus on playing music. During this period he played guitar in a couple of eclectic bands, before growing bored/disillusioned with band life, whereupon he returned to drawing, painting and making comics as his primary mode of creative expression.
During this time period he also did a bunch of other stuff, just the usual things like wrestling blue whales for sport, constructing legions of cyborg lemurs in various suburban basements, plus engaging in a number of spurious activities designed to collect the souls of innocents and fools, in order to power some nefarious machine that he is to this day still tinkering with. He also spent some time in Antarctica punching out Emperor Penguins, but we won’t go too far into that time period. Those were lost years, man.

Somehow he also managed to find time to work on a bunch of comics, the most notable of which are the webcomic Agents of the Endtimes, and a new thing called Chelsea & Millie — which the go-getters among you can find out more about easily enough. He also does illustration work for various companies, bands, private individuals and fellow comic makers. You may have seen his art about the place, usually on the most random of things.
He prefers to work at night and sleep during the daylight hours, much like Mark Ryden used to do before he got old and turned into a wizard of some sort.

Maxwell currently lives somewhere that is nowhere near Auckland, which makes him very happy.
The most recent thing Maxwell has done at the time of this bio’s writing is write this bio.

You can contact Maxwell via email at jimmymisanthrope[at]gmail[dot]com