Yes folks, Agents of the Endtimes: Book Two is now on sale at IndyPlanet.

So without further ado, here’s where it’s listed.

AOTE Book 2 frontcover

As well as containing parts 6 to 10 of AotE, the book features a bunch of stunning guest pinups by Thomas D. SzewcKayla OliverAaron AlexovichWilliam the BloodyEthaneth, and ellejohara. Plus a slew of my AotE character development sketches from throughout the years I spent on producing this comic series.

So that’s it really, now that Book Two is out my work on the creation of Agents of the Endtimes is complete. I have what some people would call “closure”  I suppose. My word, after all these years is that an odd feeling.

AOTE8 page21 panelcrop

Thanks in advance if you happen to end up buying a copy!

– MV